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Is Mother Nature's main Fluid different than mine?

Does it serve the same purposes?

Why are we so attracted to water and its crying state, waterfalls and its drop of colors?

Is it still Pure Enough to sustain LIFE?


Capturing, mainly in a panorama ratio, the humidity and lust of greens.

Evoking that state of true water saturation of its supported structures.


The spirit of nature is transported into the dynamics of its fluids.

They are the flow of ALL Life and its renewal process.

It is the universal essence is water.


I am comfortable in a non-touristic environment where sustained efforts are require for obtaining specific images,a specific mood.

The foreseen moods are: Contemplative, empowered, harmonious, and overwhelmed; to lose oneself.


In the last 8 years, my portfolio has evolved from varying technical descriptive captures to this prominence of evocative scenes.

The 3 main films who influenced this collections are :

Robin williams in What Dreams May Come, film from Vincent Ward,  1998.

La Symphonie pathétique (film, 1969) Ken Russell, 1970

Mr. Turner from Mike Leigh,  2014. The last 25 years of the British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner.


Most of the pictures will be looking into an immense panorama covering 220 degrees by 150 degrees vertical.

I usually capture about 12 files of a 100 MIPS sensor to do so.

The dripping colors will be offered in two versions, with one being more interpretative.


Through his photographic signature, Michel Thibert invites the viewer to experience, with him, areas that one may otherwise never see. His use of vanishing points allows us to "enter" nature, not physically but emotionally. This pushes us to go further in a shared perspective. Michel's work will carry you in a tumult of landscape of impressions, fields, mountains, rivers and clouds.

Michel Thibert Landscape Photographer

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