Introduction to our six collections

For the 6 distinct collections exhibited on the web, I offer the best of my photographs for each. I currently do not offer documentaries or reportage. My photographs reflect my emotions and contain the information necessary to understand my message and sometimes a story. They are also an expression of my inner feelings towards Mother Nature. My interpretations are more poetic than objective. My compositions always try to describe and use a certain depth in the image; while clouds and light always contribute to the decisive moment when I trigger the camera.

The compositions I propose are not always clear. Sometimes chaos reflects a certain reality which is a pure representation of reality as I see it. I love finding extraordinary beauty in ordinary places.  More than anything, I never follow everyone else's path to a famous location; instead, I try to take the uncut paths where no others have bothered to tread. With the exception of my striking panoramas, I never capture the iconic grand landscapes; but prefer to find unique and meaningful slices of space and time.

As an artist, I share my visual journeys to foster your own inner peace.

Through my lens, I see more than just trees and rocks. I see lines, shapes, colors and the complex interplay of light and shadow. The final photograph is a dialogue between myself, nature, the encounters I have with others.

When humans are present in my photos, I request their permission beforehand. I do not coerce animals or use automatic or optical triggering for my device. I like to create images. Our team has complementary talents and all of our equipment is professional grade. In my solitude… There are no safeguards from the looks and words of others.

Forgotten & artisans

Forgotten trades and their driven artisans

Questioning myself!
The process of questioning in life is the main driver of my artistic and life’s journey. Finding answers to those questions activates a process of sharing through artistic expression. Focusing my subject matter specifically in the next few years will make trips easier to execute and respects the resources available to me. However, one can get lost in such goals! I believe current events and outside influences can change such goals and transport us beyond what’s possible.

My hypothesis
Artisans possess a unique sense of emotion. They live outside the world of industrial and mass production. Peace of mind, in times of impermanence, generates levels of unique emotions. I would like to share, with you, these significant moments. The Collection will be distributed under two distinct visual signatures to increase understanding and visual impact.

The goal
Mainly expresses the Peace of Mind of “forgotten artisans”.

Two angles and specific mediums.

  1. The first collection will have captured intimate portraits. Available in black and white and not exceeding 36 inches. The printing technique and supports are selected to contribute to the symbiosis with the subject.
  2. The other two collections offer an immersive environment spanningwith over 120 inches. All in color, these contemplative moments are created with the aim of illustrating and bringing peace of mind.

Peace of mind

Expressions of Inner Peace
Contemplative colour environments, generally exceeding 120 inches in width, will produce an Immersive environment with the aim of illustrating and bringing Peace of Mind.

Mother Nature’s Teardrops

Aquatic contemplation
Contemplative colour environments, generally exceeding 120 inches in width, will produce an Immersive environment with the aim of illustrating and bringing Peace of Mind.

Disruptors of inner peace

Those Turmoil we can control

This collection is questioning the conditions and the disruptive events of our lives. Often and sometimes, under our control, we may have the possibility of avoiding them!

Less than 2 seconds is usually the time spent viewing an image. This rhythm of enjoying, on phones or tablets, does not always allow a detailed understanding of a subject or an exchange of points of view with the artist / photographer.

Different from the so-called descriptive photo, artistic constructions offer an opportunity to present the multiple realities included in the same framework.

Wanting to go beyond capture from a single point of view, we offer the opportunity to interpret from multiple angles. The artist therefore presents his reflective commentary on subjects that touch and influence him. The interpretations will be those of the observer who wants to invest himself in them.

The photo-compositions in this collection will be appreciated, at their true value, with the printing in very large formats. They are not designed for viewing through smart phones or tablets.

Over the clouds

Mountain and its extreme expressions
Above all, descriptive photographs of the atmospheres generated by climatic extremes.

True North

Nordic’s DNA since 2010
Between the immutable and changes

The inhabitants of Nunavut no longer live their daily life in an Igloo!

The society of the True North is encountering new challenges: the wide distribution of the Web in the villages has had an impact on all forms of exchanges. The Land of the North meets new challenges: temperature increase, ice conditions, disrupted seasons. These changes influence the country and the habits of residents.

Since 2010, we have devoted two books to it and produced videos.


Michel Thibert

Through his photographic signature, Michel Thibert invites the viewer to experience, with him, areas that one may otherwise never see. His use of vanishing points allows us to "enter" nature, not physically but emotionally. This pushes us to go further in a shared perspective. Michel's work will carry you in a tumult of landscape of impressions, fields, mountains, rivers and clouds.

Michel Thibert Landscape Photographer