Artist’s Declaration

In the proposed 3 WEB sites, I am not exposing a documentary. My pictures reflect my emotions and include the selected information that is required to understand my message or a story. My pictures are also an expression of my inner feelings about the Mother Nature.  My interpretations are more poetic than objective.  My compositions always try to describe and use a certain depth in the image; clouds and the lights always contribute to the decisive moment of triggering the camera.

I don’t always propose clean compositions.  Sometimes, chaos reflects a certain reality that is a pure representation of my perceived reality. I enjoy finding extraordinary beauty in ordinal places.  More than anything I do not take the same route for to a famous location, I will always try to take the unbeaten path, the path that nobody would take the efforts and make it happen. Except for my Impact panoramas, I do not capture the entire grand and iconic scenery; more often I would rather find a slice of space and time that is unique and significative.

Looking through the lenses, I see more than just rocks and trees. I see lines, shapes, colors, and the intricate play between light and shadow. The final picture is a dialogue between the nature and me.

When human are present in my pictures, I have their permission before.  I do not constraint animal or use automatic or optical release mechanisms for my camera.  I enjoy creating images, our team have complimentary talents and all of our equipment is of professional class.

Evolution of the Artist and Partnerships



Wake-Up Call


In 2010, I returned to the expression of art through the photographic medium.  In the following years, I had to catch-up with all the technical aspects of the digital medium.  The first organized public exposition of my art was revealing Nunavut.  This helped solidify the fine art / landscape portfolio as our artistic positioning.

First Steps


In 2011, a great deal of effort was put toward the building of our team.  Patricia Sinclair, an experience and certified numeric editor was the first one to join the team.  As the request for prints was present, a second business relation was successful with DPI printing.  Both are still part of the team. In 2011, we participated in 4 public expositions to further develop the production medium and work on a profitable business.

Landscape 202


2012 was characterised by a segmentation of our landscape pictures.  We began a split of evocative art for collectors and descriptive aerial scenes for commercial use.  Also a partnership was established with a camera manufacturer: Hasselblad and Schneider Optics, a filter manufacturer, to solve the related issues to the specificity of capturing images in the True North. We had five public exhibitions.

Second Nature


In 2013, we were very happy  to collaborate with a number of active and experienced professionals who have allowed me to see and establish the visual coherence of my style.  The renowned portrait photographer Edouard de Blay is still an inspiration for his in depth knowledge of iconic image creation.  We have attended two master classes and consolidated the Hasselblad camera kit to support the style and quality required for very large fine art print.  Four public expositions in 2013 were followed by this new web site created with the collaboration of René Dery and finally, 2 public expositions in February and September, 2014.


The Awakening


Since January 2015, we have grouped the different photographs according to their end uses. This follows many discussions with photographer Michael Levin ( and a closed group of qualified photographer. During this reorganization, our team proposed visual means and signatures to better respond to the very specific needs of different customers. Since mid-2014, we have acquired two Hasselblad cameras that are capable of capturing and expressing certain textures. Our latest images and the seven-week session in Costa Rica reflect this artistic palette.

At the end of 2015, the Hasselblad material was sold to a Club Photo and a businessman from Vienna. A new partnership was established with Capture Integration of Atlanta in the US. The latter linked the artist to the Phase One sensors and Alpa's technical cameras. It is not just a financial partnership and a rebate on equipment; it is not only the material, but tools that operate with an internal rhythm specific to the technical characteristics. It is such equipment and advanced technical advice that accentuate the visual signature of the artist.

In March 2016, we participated in a two-week evaluation of our exhibition / portfolio, Living Schiste, at the annual FotoFest 2016 meeting. Teaching in Art and Business were numerous and the encounters generated a human, technical and artistic adventure at Eureka in Upper Nunavut in May 2016. For the first time several media were combined and a narrative was prepared before shooting. In 2016 two articles were presented by and Pentaprism Photo Community.



From his latest series of photos entitled Missive, the artist goes beyond the postcard!
He expresses his experiences of nature’s DNA.

Through his photographic signature, Michel Thibert invites the viewer to visit with him, regions that the viewer might otherwise never see. His photographic signature makes use of vanishing points allowing us to "enter" into nature, not physically, but emotionally. This pushes us to go further towards a shared perspective. Michel's work will transport you through an array of landscapes of impressions, fields, mountains, rivers and clouds. He aspires to find, feel and capture the essence of creative products, to motivate viewers to create their own paths to discovery. Perhaps Michel's images will help you in your journey and fill your surroundings with a certain "rediscovered beauty".

"More than just a collection of clichés, Michel’s snapshots of lives and emotions convey and testify from a world whose authenticity fascinates modernity. Having broken his ties with nature, the citizen, has become an orphan and sometimes questions the real meaning of his life. The collection of these "testimonies" aims to challenge and refer to our origins, our DNA, our authenticity". — Michel Thibert

The observers of Michel’s art are exposed to "natural paintings" soliciting his emotions, as described in Emerson's texts. For this, the artist works around:

  • 5 human senses;
  • Emotions;
  • Feelings;
  • Projected atmospheres.